Just as every child is unique, Ready Set Report is one of a kind too!

The classes are different to drama, debating and public speaking.

Children learn to articulate with their own voice, instead of speaking lines written by others.

The concept is developed by a TV News Reporter and teaches children to articulate with their own voice, instead of reciting words written by others.

Kids gain the confidence to explain their own ideas in a clear and succinct manner.

Ready Set Report is non-competitive, non-judgemental and supportive

It’s vital for today’s children to think, question and explain their thoughts effectively. By learning these skills early in life, children gain an edge on their peers forever - in school presentations, writing essays, during social interactions and in their future careers.

After-school classes and holiday workshops are fun, interactive and age-appropriate.

Kids experience what it’s like to present a live report to camera in our green-screen studio. They ask questions at a mock news conference and describe a scenario, incident or event.

The classes hone skills in effective storytelling and impromptu speaking.

The Ready Set Report program introduces linguistics theory, use of Plain English and non-verbal communication.

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