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Ready Set Report

Better than drama, public speaking or debating. Classes in Rozelle, Inner West Sydney.

The Ready Set Report after-school classes and holiday workshops teach how to identify and communicate the essence of a story, succinctly and to the point. Kids observe, analyse and ask what’s really happening. They’ll gain confidence in speaking publicly.

All the techniques of a News Reporter practised in fun and interactive ways!

The Ready Set Report program gives your child an edge forever, in writing essays, in daily communication and in future careers.

Where to find us:

Rozelle School of Visual Arts - 57 Nelson St Rozelle NSW Australia


Why Ready Set Report is Unique

It's different to drama. After school classes and holiday workshops focus on real situations, instead of fictional.

Children learn to articulate with their own voice, instead of speaking lines written by others.

Ready Set Report is also different to debating. Children develop their own ideas and thoughts, instead of arguing a point simply to win for a team.

Classes are non-competitive, non-judgemental and supportive.

Children receive the benefits of learning from a professional and practising broadcast journalist.

They experience what it’s like to ask questions at a news conference, present a live report to camera, describe an incident and tell a story.

All scenarios are interesting, fun and age-appropriate.

Classes also include introductory linguistics theory, use of plain English and non-verbal communication.